We are BALNEO Community Interest Company organisation inspired by Balneologyˌ/balnɪˈɒlədʒi/ world, we are based in sunny Dorset. Our  mission is to raise awareness at the local communities by promoting knowledge about prevention of  chronic health conditions, encourage to health lifestyle habits & connecting businesses within medical, health & wellness to collaborate for the better future.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), chronic disease prevalence is  expected to rise by 57%  by the year 2020. We are committed to accelerate local societies to take action on daily health habits  which are extremely effecting our health conditions and also health of our future generation. We are focus on  active promotion well-being and healthy lifestyle with a strong message to make regular prophylactic preventive examinations to prevent cancer or other chronic conditions and take action now! 

We are calling all passionate medical professionals and creative brand owners to connect and collaborate to be the change at your local area.

Our Projects


National project to Empower, Encourage, Inspire & Educate local societies to take action on daily health habits! Events promoting prevention  of chronic health conditions and well-being way of living.

Calling all medical professionals together with brand owners to get involve and educate local societies and embark into the well-being lifestyle. 

The Association of Polish Professionals of Cosmetology, Hairdressing & Nail Art in United Kingdom

Organisation founded in 2015 to unite and promote knowledge about working in beauty industry accordingly with British laws for better collaboration in the United Kingdom. Encouraging Polish Professionals to creative positive development and providing a mentoring to those who are seeking to create new opportunities in United Kingdom. Since 2018 Association created membership scheme to distinguish and support professionals with their business development. 


Exciting to bring a new publication to creative community to promote well-being, health together with travel for wellness and introducing passionate people from different areas of the world. This is more than a magazine to share with you quality articles  four times a year. 

We will be starting a digital edition with upgrading to the printing edition to be delivered first in all counties in UK. 

We are open for collaboration and creative writers also for advertising from now on. Please contact:

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